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  • Talk: Convert your static site to Vue app

    In this talk, we will walkthrough the steps to make a static site to a Vue app. This talk will cover Vue component, vue-router. One can attend this talk with no understanding of Vue.
    Nimit Bhargava Nimit is a full stack engineer and likes to tinker with web technologies.
  • Talk: Understanding Vue's Reactivity System by Building One

    We'll gradually go from rendering simple HTML using DOM APIs and to understanding how to build a reactivity system for automatic renders.
    Praveen Puglia I love CSS & VueJS. Making CodePen art at Building tools for Voice Tech, AI, ML at @voicezen.
  • Show & Tell: I migrated my entire project from VanillaJS to VueJS

    I recently decided to experiment with Vue, and migrated my entire project from VanillaJS to VueJS. I am working on Product Planet, a platform to learn and practice development and design skills and apply to jobs in product startups. I would like to show how with a component based architecture, SFCs, and Vue-router, creating web apps is a lot more efficient.
    Dhruv Bhatia Dhruv is a full stack product developer with 7+ years of experience, and has worked as a product leader in startups and Fortune 500 companies. He was previously associated with Ola, where he worked on Ola Lite, a PWA with 1M+ installs, and other website products.