RSVP on Meetup (not mandatory) Let's Talk About Test


  • Talk: Visual Testing a Vue app

    How to implement Visual Testing with Cypress end to end framework.
    I'll also talk about
    1. Why is it necessary.
    2. What type of bugs can be caught by Visual Testing.

    Here is the verbatim feedback from the audience:

    Aditya Agarwal I'm a software developer at HackerRank. I love to write about tech and hang out on Twitter.
  • Talk: Revisiting Tests and How to Sneak Test Driven Development Into Your Work

    People have sung paeans about TDD. Here's one more - but this time, we'll look at the "gotchas", useful workflows/patterns and a way to sneak TDD into your work when your team leaves no time for it in the planning. All in the context of Vue, Jest and the holy ghost of unit tests.

    Here is the verbatim feedback from the audience:

    Chandrashekhar I'm a frontend developer and a Javascript fan. Currently write Vue and vanilla JS at work, and play with React hooks at night. Evenings are for walks and coffees at Udupis of Bangalore.