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  • Talk: Head first into composition API

    A live coding demo to showcase Vue Composition API and maybe address FUD if that’s still relevant.

    Here is the verbatim feedback from the audience:

    Rahul Kadyan Rahul Kadyan is a Software Engineer and Vue Core Team Member. He is super enthusiastic about building accessible web apps, the compilation process of .vue files, and tooling for the Vue ecosystem.
  • Talk: Blazing fast static sites with graphql and Vue

    Building static websites which is powered by Vue and graphql. We're using something called Gridsome. Gridsome makes it easy for developers to build modern websites, apps & PWAs that are fast by default.

    Here is the verbatim feedback from the audience:

    Karthick Ramachandran Frontend Engineer at Rorodata. Fullstack developer. Vue and Laravel guy.
  • Talk: Building high-performance geospatial analytics tools using Vue &

    Geospatial visualization and analytics is undoubtedly an important factor in helping grow any on-demand or location focused company. In this talk, we’ll take a quick tour of available geospatial visualization tools, touch a bit of science behind location data and learn how to build High-Performance WebGL based geospatial visualizations for the web using is a powerful visualization library for the web. It utilizes GPU for making heavy computation and visualization more accessible right inside the browser. With in hand, we’ll explore ways to make use of existing real-world location data and build beautiful visualizations that produce useful insights.

    Here is the verbatim feedback from the audience:

    Musthaq Ahamad UX Engineer at Loves to write, design and build for the web.